IAB Establishes Guidelines For New Ad Units

The oft-maligned banner ad is getting a fresh look. Today the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced the guidelines for 7 new ad units. These new banners range in size from 120-by-600 pixel vertical “skyscrapers” to 250-by-250 pixel pop-up windows. A typical banner ad
measures 468-by-60 pixels.

Buzz about retooled banner ads began a few weeks ago, when major Web players such as CNET and New York Times Digital introduced larger and more interactive ad units on their sites.

Now, with the IAB’s announcement of its first online advertising guidelines since 1996, the New York-based trade organization hopes the newly endorsed Internet ad units will start to roll out on other prominent Web sites.

“We want to help publishers, advertisers and agencies make the most effective use of the Internet by making advertising easier to purchase and use,” said Richy Glassberg, who led the initial banner guidelines effort
in 1996 and the recent Ad Unit Task Force. Glassberg is the vice chairman of the IAB and chairman and CEO of Phase2Media.