Hyundai Pulls Ahead in Latest Work From Richards

DALLAS The Richards Group breaks a spot for Hyundai this week that focuses on quality and builds on the “Rethink everything” theme introduced in April to support the new Sonata.

The 30-second commercial shows a gazelle and lion running as fast as they can, leaving the viewer to infer that the lion is chasing the gazelle. The reverse, however, proves to be true, and a voiceover asks, “Not what you expected?”

Richards in Dallas sought to reference last week’s J.D. Power report listing Hyundai as the No. 1 non-premium automobile nameplate in terms of perceived quality, ahead of previous front-runner Toyota. Hyundai’s rise to the top of the food chain surprised automotive analysts who had tracked the Korean brand’s comeback from quality debacles following its North American arrival in the late-1980s.

Independent Richards is currently preparing a campaign for the redesigned Santa Fe sport utility vehicle arriving in September.

Hyundai spent $450 million on advertising in 2005 and $120 million in the first quarter of 2006, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.