Hurts So Good

Advertising can be an abusive business. Minneapolis agency Clarity Coverdale Fury demonstrates just how abusive in its invitation to celebrate its 20th anniversary.
The poster-sized invite shows a man’s back scarred 19 times in the form of tally marks. A fresh and bloody wound marks the 20th.
“In the early 1900s, world renowned torture expert John Dinkle formulated his Scale of Pain,” reads the accompanying text. “According to it, ‘Creating Great Advertising’ ranks between ‘Giving birth to Alien Sextuplets’ and ‘Fire Walking with a Broken Hip.’ “
“It is a little rude, isn’t it?” said CCF creative director Jac Coverdale of the invite. “To do great work, you have to work long and hard, until it hurts,” he said of the art.
Despite the poster, Coverdale said the Feb. 29 party will be “standard fare” with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, a swing band and a mix of current and past employees and clients.
–Aaron Baar