Hummer Spots Take a ‘Monstrous’ Turn

BOSTON General Motors’ Hummer next week breaks a pair of humorous 60-second TV spots from its lead shop Modernista!

In “Monsters,” two giant creatures, one a Godzilla-look-alike and the other a robot, confront each other in a cityscape. But instead of fighting, they fall in love. After their eyes meet, they walk off hand-in-hand and gaze up at the moon. The female monster becomes pregnant and gives birth to a “Little Monster,” a red H3, Hummer’s new midsize SUV.

“We’re going to continue to push the envelope,” said Liz Vanzura, Hummer’s global marketing director, in a statement.

A second spot, “Bears,” shows an ursine family returning home from a vacation. As they inspect their home they discover people have been living in it while they were away. Alarmed, the bears run to the garage, which houses three Hummers. Two of the Hummers are there, but the smallest bear discovers his H3 is missing. The next shot shows a young woman driving off in an H3, smiling at the audience. A voiceover says, “The new H3. This one’s just right.”

The goal of the spot was to communicate the H3’s place in the Hummer family “in a humorous and unique way,” according to the agency.

Boston-based Modernista! and GM introduced the H3 in April, by airing commercials during ESPN’s National Football League draft telecast.

Creative credits include Lance Jensen and Gary Koepke as creative directors, Joe Fallon as copywriter, Tim Vaccarino as art director and Julian Katz as agency producer.

Hummer spends about $100 million annually on ads