Hummer to Break Bridge Effort

Modernista!’s debut print campaign for General Motors’ Hum mer is tagged, “Hummer. Like nothing else,” and is intended as a bridge effort to the introduction of a lower-priced model next year.

Hummer’s $100,000-plus H1 has not been advertised in the past year, but GM wanted to raise brand awareness before the launch of the cheaper H2 model next July, said Marc Hernandez, Hum mer brand man ager.

All four ads have different heads but the same copy: “Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of no where. And sometimes in the middle of no where you find yourself. The legendary H1.”

The Boston shop’s ads break Aug. 14 in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Spin and Es quire, and will run through year’s end.

Past work focused on the vehicle’s off-road capabilities and military atti tude. The new ads attempt a more refined take on it, said Liz Van zura, Hummer advertising director. The aim: greater believ ability, said Lance Jen sen, Modernista! co-founder and creative director. “Authen ticity is probably the most important word when it comes to brand ing,” he said.

Spending was undisclosed, but Hummer’s annual outlay was pegged at $20 million when Modernista! won the account last October in a review.