Hughes Design Gives Mott’s an Image Overhaul

NEW YORK In its first package graphics update in seven years, Mott’s has redesigned its entire portfolio of apple sauces and juice to unify the brand and remind consumers of its healthy equity.

Even as research showed that the familiar logo of the 162-year-old brand had 90 percent recognition among consumers, Mott’s further learned that generations of families, who’d grown up with its apple sauce and juices, had a strong emotional connection with the brand.

“They said they had fond, warm, fuzzy feelings with the brand during their lifetime,” said Amanda Vaughan, senior brand manager for multiserve apple sauce. “One thing we did to make our brand softer [and] friendlier was to encase the logo in an oval instead of a rectangle.”

The redesign, via Hughes Design Group, Norwalk, Conn., is being phased in this month for all Mott’s apple sauces, flavored sauces (formerly the Fruitsations sub-brand), juices and Healthy Harvest brands. The redesign began with the logo itself, now encased in an oval amid a yellow sunburst, which features a bright green leaf to signify the apostrophe in “Mott’s” and more realistic images of fruits.

“The thought behind the design was to create imagery that encapsulates Mott’s core messaging of nurturing, quality and taste,” said HDG president Barney Hughes. “As well, we wanted to build the brand’s equity while creating an identity across 150-plus SKUs.”

At a time of growing concern over Americans’ obesity, the health positioning is further buttressed by the addition of the words in the logo, “Hand-Picked Goodness.” Rear panels outline the health benefits of Mott’s sauces and juices, including a heart-healthy claim that a half-cup of Mott’s sauces/juices equals one fruit serving.

While Mott’s has touted the “naturalness” of its products in marketing, the health platform will also play out in upcoming TV and print, scheduled to break later this year.