Hub Brokerage Makes Demands

ATLANTA Mullen has launched its first television campaign for Evergreen Investments. Tagged “More demanding,” two 30-second spots are airing nationally on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC and ESPN.

Five print ads are running in investment publications such as Barrons throughout the year. Outdoor ads have been placed in downtown Boston, where the client is headquartered.

Campaign spending is undisclosed. The investment firm, a division of Wachovia Bank, Charlotte, N.C., has not mounted a national ad campaign since 1999.

According to Mullen, the campaign seeks to change the perception of Evergreen from a mutual fund provider to an asset manager by repositioning the brand in a broader financial role.

The TV spots, from the Interpublic Group shop’s Winston-Salem, N.C., office, feature buttoned-up investment brokers demanding more from themselves.

In one, a senior-level executive casually tosses a crumpled paper napkin towards a wastebasket. When the toss seems about to miss, the man dives to snatch the paper before it hits the floor.

The second spot shows four gray-suited brokers at lunch, casually chatting. When a waiter inadvertently lets a drop of oil splash on the tablecloth, an Evergreen executive quietly yanks the cloth from the table, presenting it, folded, to the waiter. The agency said the stunt was performed perfectly on the first take (and 12 subsequent takes) without the aid of camera tricks.