HSR&S Clients Flee German Shop

DUSSELDORF – New WPP Conquest agency Hildemann, Simon, Rempen & Schmitz/Dusseldorf is already facing defections as three of its clients put their accounts into review. German banking house Dresdner Bank has resigned all its agency contracts, including those with HSR&S, Stoeher Scheer/Dusseldorf and Michael Contrad & Leo Burnett/Frankfurt. It is likely that ex-HSR&S head Thomas Rempen will be the beneficiary in the tussle over the Dresdner Bank accounts, if and when his planned agency Rempen & Partner can show a strong account group (ADWEEK, Nov. 1). Sources said Klaus Hullmann, director of marketing and communications at Dresdner, thinks highly of Rempen, but would like the agency to be staffed by more than one account management heavyweight. The client is expected to name a new agency in January or February. Another blue-chip client for HSR&S, Siemens electronic goods in Munich, will leave that shop by the year’s end unless the agency wins a pitch against Publicis MCD, Rempen & Partners and other undisclosed shops. Sara Lee and its German subsidiary, Lingner + Fischer in Buehl, are having agencies pitch for the body-care line newly acquired from Smith-Kline Beecham, Duschdas and Badedas. HSR&S has been invited to pitch the account, which is expected to become substantially larger than its present budget of $18 million.
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