HQ Trivia Hits the Big Screen With an Ad Directly Before and After the Super Bowl

Capturing that moment when you finally win

HQ had a big evening during the Super Bowl.

Everyone’s favorite trivia game show app made a big splash on Super Bowl Sunday. The app HQ Trivia did not run an ad during the actual game, but aired a spot directly before and after it.

A report from Bloomberg suggests the trivia show app didn’t have to pay up for either 15-second slot of air time.

The 15-second ad shows a woman who has just won a round of HQ (and added $11.30 to her bank account). It’s a real video from of a real person who actually started screaming and jumping up and down with excitement after answering all 12 questions correctly. There’s no dialogue, and the spot concludes with a black screen and the HQ logo.

Here’s the ad:

On Sunday night, HQ had one of its biggest games to date. Nearly 2 million people gathered on the app to participate for a chance to win a piece of $20,000, just a few hours after the ad ran for the first time.

HQ Trivia did not immediately respond to a request for comment.