HP Showcases Workers, Inventions

Hewlett-Packard this weekend enters a new phase in its 18-month-old “Invent” campaign with TV spots highlighting its employees and their inventions.

The technology company is set to launch three spots starting March 11 during prime-time hits like The West Wing and ER, followed by four print and outdoor ads beginning March 26. Creative is from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.

The spot breaking Sunday highlights Nokia, a business partner whose cell phones can be synched to the Internet to obtain bus schedules thanks to development by HP employee Rycharde Hawkes. Another execution shows how streaming media can deliver information anywhere, even atop Mount Everest. The third deals with “the philosophy of inventing” and the importance of inventions, said Maia Ozguc, director of global brand advertising.

Print ads highlight Eugenie Prime, an HP Labs employee who is working on a way to catalogue all Internet files, and Ross Allen, working on digital cameras that work like the human eye. One treatment depicts Hawkes wearing a parka and glaring at the camera from behind a frigid bus shelter. Another renders Susan Wee, who is developing audio streaming for multiple devices, Picassoesque on about a dozen different-sized TVs. Placement is slated exclusively for Time magazine.

IBM and WoldCom also have used employees in advertising recently. HP, best known for printers and computer hardware, is trying to showcase “the human, optimistic traits” of the company, said Ozguc.