H.P. Hood Cries Over Spilt Milk

NEW YORK Via humorously employs the old saw “There’s no use crying over spilt milk” in a campaign for the H.P. Hood dairy.

“It was sort of an old cliche, but the execution was so novel that it was quality in terms of creative,” said Ron Clayton, creative director at the Boston office of the independent Portland, Maine-based shop.

In one television spot a boy attempts to pour a glass of Simply Smart, but is thwarted when his plastic cup falls to the ground. His mother is shown with a look of horror on her face that morphs into anguish. The older daughter comes running to her mother’s aid, only to stop and begin crying when she realizes what has happened. As Dad, attempting to knot his tie, arrives, he too bursts into tears.

A voiceover explains, “Whoever said there’s no sense crying over spilt milk obviously never tried Simply Smart. All the rich taste you love without all the fat.”

“The brief from the client was to focus on the fact that this milk had changed [lowered] the fat content but not the taste,” said Clayton. “This spot will appeal to moms who potentially buy different milks for themselves than for their kids. Research suggests moms buy Simply Smart for themselves because they’re conscious about their weight or about their health.”

A yearlong campaign centered around TV and outdoor is planned. Spots will air throughout New England, and out-of-home media will appear in Southern New England.

Via added the account about six months ago from Boston-based Partners + Simons. Its initial TV work dealt with the company eliminating artificial growth hormones from milk sold in Southern New England.

The client has spent about $5 million annually in measured media in recent years, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.