H/P Flexes Cable’s Power for Cox Media

ATLANTA Huey/Paprocki highlights the impact of cable television advertising in new spots for Cox Media.

The Atlanta shop said its six 30-second commercials for the local client were designed to show the business advantages of cable TV advertising. Dana Anton, director of media services at Cox Media, said that no other ad medium uses sight, sound, motion and emotion to connect with customers as well as cable, and that is the focus of the new ads.

One spot opens on a suburban home just as the daily newspaper is delivered. There is no response from anyone in the house as the rolled-up paper falls down the front steps. A voiceover explains, “There are a lot of ways to get your advertising message out there.” As a television crashes through the front door, the narrator continues, “But nothing has the impact of cable television.” Cox Media’s logo closes the spot.

Ron Huey, founder and creative director at H/P, said that the shop’s goal is to do creative work that gets clients noticed and talked about. The client agreed, saying that cable has changed and businesses need to recognize the changes.

“Cable’s ability to deliver both broad reach and highly rated programming has changed drastically in just the past three to four years, while television advertising practices lag behind,” said Bobbi Hurt, marketing director at Cox. “The cable advertising industry and Cox Media want to get the message out that there is a new reality in television advertising, and cable television can compete with broadcast.”

This is Cox Media’s third TV advertising campaign, but its first developed by H/P. The client said it chose the shop based on its previous experience “delivering messages that stick with customers.” H/P said the new spots launch later this summer and will run on major cable networks in Cox markets nationwide.

Spending was not disclosed.