HOWDY, BEAVER CREEK: Time for the Annual Hue and Cry About Color Trends

What are the hot colors for 1993 and beyond? We’ll see hues that are ‘more yellow, more aged and softer, which reflects a sense of warmth and comfort’; and environmental hyper-consciousness will generate more interest in browns, geranium reds, clay pinks, burnt oranges, violets, citron yellows and greens – ‘everywhere green.’ Indeed, one of the year’s ’emerging colors’ will be a green called National Park. At any rate, so says the Color Marketing Group, a Washington, D.C.-based international association of 1,200-plus design and color professionals in various industries. As always, different colors will find favor with different sectors – fashion, retailing, transportation, interior decorating and so on – but a couple of them are forecast to be strong almost across the board: Regency, a bright blue, and Beaver Creek, a muted green. Meanwhile, if you thought you were seeing an awful lot of dark blue last year, your eyes weren’t deceiving you: A deep blue called Ink Well was the most widely popular of 1992’s ‘established colors.’
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