How to Woo ‘Bicultural’ Hispanics

Hispanic-themed advertising and marketing resonates best with “bicultural” Hispanics, according to recent research by a professor at Auburn University.

Veena Chattaraman, an assistant professor at the school’s department of consumer affairs, cited a recent study in which the school polled Hispanics in three groups: Hispanic-dominant, mainstream-dominant and bicultural. The latter group is considered one that “strongly identifies with the country of origin, while adopting values, traits and behaviors of the mainstream,” Chattaraman said.

The study found that “Hispanic-targeted branding has a greater impact on balanced bicultural consumers than the Hispanic- or mainstream-dominant segments. Hispanic-tailored promotions that cue the cultural identity in the consumer’s mind can further enhance the purchase intent for such targeted brands among the bicultural segment,” according to Chattaraman, who offered this advice: “If a store wants to sell more of its Hispanic relevant merchandise, then employing point-of-sale promotions that resonate on a deeper level with Hispanic culture and make the consumer ‘feel Hispanic’—can lead to positive effects across all three Hispanic segments.”