How to Juggle It All: Startup Fundraising, Covid-19 Vaccination, Pandemic Anxiety and Mommyhood

House of Wise's Amanda Goetz on a time of extreme transition

illustration of person with lots of arms juggling tasks
We can’t just snap our fingers and be back to where we were before the pandemic. Getty Images

Editor’s note: This piece is part of our Columnist Network series, which explores the tactical thoughts and actions from Adweek’s community of high-level experts. Today, House of Wise’s Amanda Goetz discusses being in a new city with a new career. Below, in her own words, she talks about how much time and energy fundraising takes—while having a full-time job of building a company and being a single mom to three kids.

@AmandaMGoetz Amanda Geotz is founder of House of Wise and half-time CMO of Teal HQ.