How the First Annual Lesbian Visibility Week Is Changing the Marketing Game

Diva magazine is pushing back against the lack of corporate sponsorship for queer women’s events

Two LGBTQ symbols in front of a rainbow flag of money
Lesbian Visibility Week isn't just about putting a face to the community, it's also about getting brands and advertisers to see queer women as a viable market. Photo Illustration: Dianna McDougall for Adweek; Sources: Getty Images

Monday marked the start of the first annual Lesbian Visibility Week, an effort launched in the U.K. that aims for global participation. While the event kicks off a new addition to an ever-evolving equality calendar of special days and occasions that recognize different underrepresented communities, there’s something genuinely unique about Lesbian Visibility Week: The organizers managed to get corporate sponsors.

@MaryEmilyOHara Mary Emily O'Hara is a diversity and inclusion reporter. They specialize in covering LGBTQ+ issues and other underrepresented communities.