how this shop spells relief

Young & Rubicam put its money where its mouth is after the Aug. 17 earthquake in Turkey that left tens of thousands of people without homes.
The devastation prompted Atilla Aksoy, chairman of the agency’s Istanbul office, to ask Y&R to provide tents for the city’s homeless.
Chuck Windsor, senior vp of promotions on the agency’s U.S. Army account (and a West Point-trained Marine), called his Army contacts for a list of tent makers.
Within days, Y&R had bought 200 tents. Aksoy convinced Turkish Airlines to ship the tents and Istanbul’s Red Cross helped set them up. The tents arrived in Turkey this past weekend. “The Marines say, ‘Okay, let’s do it,'” Windsor said of the operation.
The agency will ask each regional office to sponsor a tent and will accept donations from employees, but the charitable Y&R is prepared to foot the bill.
“We’re trying to support our colleagues and their people at a time of extraordinary need,” said Y&R chairman and CEO Peter Georgescu. –Emily Fromm