How a Room Full of Teen Girls Reacted to This Year’s Super Bowl Ads

Impressed by Dove Men+Care, not so much Carl's Jr.

There are plenty of opinions circulating today on who had the best and worst Super Bowl ads, but one group you likely haven't heard from is the teen girl demographic. 

As part of its ongoing push for ads that empower women, SheKnows decided to ask a group of young women what they thought of several national and regional spots that aired during the Big Game.

The resulting highlight video shows a range of well-articulated responses to T-Mobile's #KimsDataStash, Always' Like a Girl, NFL's No More PSA, Dove Men+Care's Real Strength and Carl's Jr.'s All Natural.

The clip is the first of a new web series exploring how young women react to advertising. While the girls were very receptive to Always and Dove's commercials, they were more skeptical about NFL's anti-domestic violence PSA. One teen pointed out that the league should be more focused on firing perpetrators of violence against women than just creating ads about the topic. Also, as you might expect, they weren't so pumped about Carl's Jr.'s nearly nude ad. 

"It's 2015. Are you seriously still doing that kind of stuff?" one girl asked.

The girls featured in the web series are part of SheKnows' Hatch program, a media literacy initiative that works with female tweens and teens. The online publication hopes to continue this type of ad analysis as a monthly series around events like the Oscars or Spring Break, as well as other forms of advertising like digital ads and out-of-home installations.

"They are very impacted by images of women and girls and things that catch people's attention to perpetuate stereotypes and microaggressions," SheKnows chief revenue officer Samantha Skey said.

Skey said SheKnows decided to focus on ads because they took up a significant part of the airwaves, and are often targeted to adults. While the series is unsponsored right now, it is open to a brand partnership. For example, Hatch previously worked with Unilever during Unilever Project Sunlight, which was focused on ending world hunger.

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