How Non-Endemic Brands Can Tackle Esports Marketing Opportunities

A company doesn't have to be sports-centric to do so

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Esports is either the best kept secret or the most poorly marketed piece of common knowledge for brands. Do a quick search, watch a few documentaries, and you’ll realize that the esports industry is primed for investment regardless of the connection (or lack thereof) to a brand. Massive audiences, hyper-passionate fans and influencers capable of launching titles to new levels of popularity make it the perfect place to find and cultivate new advocates. But for some reason, most non-endemic brands still struggle to find meaningful entry points into the category. Whether it’s a lack of relevance or simply an unfamiliarity with the space, investing in esports can seem daunting to marketers. Luckily, as more brands move into the category, universal truths start to emerge that can help newcomers better navigate and evaluate the landscape.