How Nice That We Are All So Talented

While Americans are a notoriously happy lot, that’s not to say they’re uniformly happy about all aspects of their lives. A survey by Directions Research and Greenfield Online took a detailed look at the subject. Forty percent of respondents said they’re “extremely happy” (and 40 percent “somewhat happy”) about their relationship with their immediate families. A majority are happy (24 percent extremely, 37 percent somewhat) with their home, and similar numbers of respondents are happy with their neighborhoods. Perhaps due to high gas prices, people are more apt to be extremely happy with their love life (as are 33 percent) than with their cars (27 percent). Even as the population gets older on average, many folks are happy with their age (26 percent extremely, 35 percent somewhat) and few unhappy with it (10 percent somewhat, 2 percent extremely). As you can see from the chart below, Americans have mixed feelings about their appearance. Respondents were more likely to express satisfaction with their “personal talents”: 26 percent said they’re extremely happy with their talents, 40 percent somewhat happy, 23 percent neither happy nor unhappy, 7 percent somewhat unhappy and 2 percent extremely unhappy. These numbers may or may not reflect grade inflation.