How the Men’s Room at Mullen Lowe L.A. Became a Reddit Sensation

Started with call for decorating suggestions

Mullen Lowe L.A.'s office manager just needed some advice on how to spruce up the agency's men's room for a client visit. She had no idea she was creating an Internet sensation that would reach the front page of Reddit.

"I have a most important question," Paige Arrington, also the agency's chief recruiter, wrote in a staff email. "I place an orchid in the women's restroom when clients visit. What is appropriate for the men's room?"

She received more than 50 suggestions from the staff including a shark tank, a fish tank in the toilets and a target in the urinals.

"The two main comments were 'We will stand for nothing less than an attendant,' and 'Guys, I know she's getting us a shark tank,'" Arrington told Adweek. 

The following Monday, she delivered. The men of Mullen Lowe found a bathroom attendant—well, a cardboard cutout of a Mullen Lowe staffer dressed as a Leprechaun—offering mints, cologne and candy cigarettes. She also put what she called a "shark tank," a jar filled with toy sharks, by the sink. 

"I think they were all surprised," Arrington said. "But I see them coming out of the bathroom, and they're eating a mint or have a candy cigarette in their mouth."

That's when Eli Kallison, a strategic analyst at Mullen Lowe L.A. with the Reddit username MilkAndRelish, posted this bit of toilet humor to the site. So far, his post has garnered more than 2.2 million views and more than 870 comments. 

"Immediately after I posted it—within a minute—I had seven up votes," Kallison said. "I checked an hour later, and I had close to 1,000. I wasn't stunned, but it was pretty sweet to see something you posted hit the front of r/all."