How Fake News Has Changed the Way Brands Approach Conversations With Consumers

Grassroots efforts have become increasingly important

For Denise Karkos, CMO, TD Ameritrade, the era of fake news and mistrust in media and brands has a silver lining of sorts because marketing is increasingly going back to grassroots efforts that key-in on the sharing and trust economy.

“Everyone is going to share everything about your brand, whether it’s yours or a competitor’s and you need to be there, present in the conversation. That, in fact, is how you build trust—to be in every moment you can with the consumer,” said Karkos in an interview after a panel called “Anxiety in the Security 3.0 World: Trust Marketing Strategies in the Age if Distrust.”

The discussion was part of the second installment of Adweek and Bloomberg Media’s quarterly “Marketing in An Interruptive World” breakfast series in New York.

Karkos also pointed out that the fake news trend has forced marketers to ask what they really mean in consumers’ lives. “If you are true to that, all your decision making will follow,” she said, adding “You have to be principled as a brand, but you can’t be tone deaf to what the consumers are saying.”

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