How Dunkin’ Donuts and Airbnb Are Turning Google Searches Into Experiences in NYC

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Headshot of Tim Nudd

Getting coffee and seeing a few sights are on the list of most Advertising Week attendees from out of town. And Dunkin' Donuts and Airbnb are ready to provide both with Google campaigns they're running this week.

Dunkin' worked with Johannes Leonardo and Trilia Media to build, which crunches two sets of data—the walk times to Dunkin' locations in the Times Square area, and current wait times at each—to determine which Dunkin' will get you coffee quickest.

Users who search for "coffee near me" on Google Maps or in Google Search on their mobile phone will see an ad that says, "Find the fastest coffee." Clicking the ad brings up Google Maps, which auto-populates the user's location and points to the right Dunkin' to patronize.

Airbnb, meanwhile, is launching a campaign called "Hosted Walks" that's meant to help NYC visitors see hidden gems and not just the usual tourist traps. Airbnb also partnered with Johannes Leonardo, which tapped into the site's vast hosting community to provide host-led audio tours of Midtown Manhattan via Google Maps.

When a user searches for touristy things to do in the Times Square area, or input their tourist destinations into Google Maps, an ad will prompt them to see New York like a local. Clicking on the ad brings up Google Maps, which auto-populates user's location and calculates a route to their location that takes them by hidden gems—which are then narrated by Airbnb hosts in audio as well as speech bubbles.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.