How Brands Are Selling the First Day of Spring

You know it’s been a seriously awful winter when the first day of spring becomes a reason for a major marketing promotion. From national movie chains to local restaurants, everyone is using today as an excuse to hand customers a discount—or hand the goods over for free, even. Is it worth flying from L.A. to Chicago just to get 20 bucks off a pair of sneakers at Universal Soul? Probably not, but it’s nice to know it’s there. 

Check out eight brands giving away the goods on this first official spring day.


Free Italian Ice

Rita’s is giving away free Italian ices at its 500+ locations. Hurry—the ice is melting, and the offer’s only good until 9 p.m.  


Dollar Flicks

R-rated movies are more fun, but you can see a PG-rated flick for just a buck thanks to Regal’s Summer Movie Express, which kicks off today. Advisory: Some movies (Authur Christmas) may feel a bit out of season. 


Half Off Your Pizza Pie

Domino’s is offering a 50 percent discount off all pizzas ordered online. (Does it seem like this chain is really eager to please? First the kitchen cam, and now this.)


Windy City Discounts

A slew of stores in greater Chicago are participating in the Countdown to Spring promo, including a tangy $10 off stir fry at a joint called Ahjoomah’s Apron.


State of the Onion

Never mind that Australia’s heading into winter, Outback Steakhouse restaurants in the U.S. will give you a free Bloomin’ Onion—provided that you make a dork out of yourself by verifying that you’re “Bloomin’ into Spring.”


Claw Your Way In

Not to be outdone, casual-dining competitor Red Lobster has kicked off its annual Lobsterfest promo. No silly saying required, just $10 off.


Spring Rolls—No Really

Asian restaurant chain Stir Crazy is celebrating Spring’s arrival with a “Roll into Spring” promo that’ll give you (guess what?) a free spring roll with $5 minimum purchase.


Slurp Something Small

Is this balmy, 40-degree weather making you jones for a free Slurpee? Dude, all you gotta do is text “DIETCOKE” to 711711 (or download the 7-Eleven app). Valid only until midnight. (Then again, you could just drop the rotten $1.19 and buy the thing.)