How AT&T Got Kids to Make Some of the Year's Best Ads

BBDO spins comic gold from their crazy brains

IDEA: Bigger. Faster. More. You know you have strong product benefits when they can be boiled down to simple value propositions even kids can appreciate. Children, and simplicity, are at the core of BBDO's classic-in-the-making "It's not complicated" campaign for AT&T—touting the size and speed of the carrier's network and other benefits. Prompted, and in many ways wrangled, by actor and comedian Beck Bennett, children answer the simplest of (unbranded) questions in a dozen ads and counting. What's better: Bigger or smaller? Faster or slower? More or less? The kids answer oddly, sweetly, hilariously—turning out charming, comic spots from what was always something of a gamble. "We knew there was a bit of wild card in talking to kids," said BBDO Atlanta creative director Stephen McMennamy. "But that's what we loved about it—taking time to get inside their heads and hear them talk so wonderfully about these really simple notions."