Booked the Longest URL in Internet History to Prove It Has More Than Hotels

And Captain Obvious will read all 2,083 characters to you

Captain Obvious was up for the task of reading the entire URL in a video.
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You know that can help you book a hotel, but you might be unaware that it also offers seaside cabanas, yurts and the occasional dolphin motel in lower San Diego.

To expand on its well-known name, which of course is also its web address, has booked what it calls the longest URL ever published. Created by agency CP+B, the address takes up a spacious 2,083 characters.

“Our campaign message is that lets you do you basically everywhere,” says Quinn Katherman, creative director for CP+B. “But that wasn’t very obvious based on our name. To let people know has more than just hotels, the most obvious thing for us to do was to change our name to include every type of accommodation available. URLs are such an overlooked part of our internet experience now. So the best way to get people to notice a URL again was to have the longest one ever published.”

Here is the full URL, which you’re welcome to try clicking here (though, spoiler alert, it just redirects to

If that hurts your eyes a bit, you could always just sit back and let Captain Obvious read it to you:

In addition to the URL stunt, the brand is rolling out new ads that focus on the breadth of options it offers for accommodations:


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