Hot Rodders Covet Nascar’s Marketing Muscle

Name Integer Group to Rev Up Fan Base and Sponsorship Roll
NEW YORK–Continuing its recent moves to outsource much of its marketing, the National Hot Rod Association has hired Integer Group of Dallas as its new integrated agency.
Integer will be responsible for advertising, promotions, positioning, branding, assisting current NHRA sponsors and beefing up the group’s overall sponsorship roster, both by attracting new supporters and encouraging incumbents like Anheuser-Busch and Century 21 to be more active.
“Drag racing is really a part of Americana and, relative to other motor sports, is uncluttered from a sponsorship perspective,” said NHRA marketing vice president Gary Darcy. “So we think there’s a lot of potential.”
The NHRA, seeing the remarkable rise in revenues and popularity of Nascar in recent years, is reshuffling its marketing deck in an attempt to attract some of the sponsorship funds that have long been allocated to the stock car racing circuit, its tracks and drivers.
Darcy said he expects to have new work in the field from Integer by the fall. NHRA spent less than $350,000 last year, per Competitive Media Reporting, but association officials said they expect a multimillion dollar advertising campaign.
“We have great grass-roots strength, which a lot of brands are looking for,” said Darcy. “What we need to do is find a better way to develop our heroes and take our message to potential sponsors and fans; that should automatically grow the fan base.”
Integer looks forward to its mission. “Our main challenge internally will be fighting off all the people that will want to work on this project,” said Matt Savage, agency creative and managing director. “It’s one of those accounts that’s a creative dream. It’ll be an adrenaline-laced, incredibly fun project.”
“We’re very proud and honored to be the first agency the association has had in 50 years,” added Integer group account director Bob Wagner. He pointed to the shop’s previous category experience (Nascar and Tabasco’s Winston Cup car) as factors in the new business win.