Hot List: Hottest Creative Player

Bloomberg Businessweek creative director, Richard Turley

Business titles have never been much to look at, with all those pictures of old white guys. So with the tough state of business magazines, few might have expected Businessweek to be a comeback story, much less a paragon of design. But creative director Richard Turley’s dramatic redesign made Businessweek one of the most talked-about magazines this year (while making the 35-year-old Brit a star in the process). To make a bigger news hole easier to navigate, Turley color-coded sections and used bold headline fonts. But it’s his provocative covers and cool graphics and charts that have brought the most eye-catching. A cover story on the infidelity market was illustrated with a woman’s spread, fishnet-clad legs. And when he can’t get around those obligatory white guy portraits, he surrounds them with scribbles or draws them cartoon-style. It’s easy to see why Businessweek has been piling on the design awards, including four this year from the Society of Publication Designers.

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