Hot and Bothered

In olden days, adults informed kids that dirty pictures could make them go blind. Nowadays, some people are suggesting that pornography can lead right to the electric chair.
That premise is behind a pro bono campaign created by Thompson & Co. in Memphis, Tenn., for the Citizens for Community Values of Memphis. The three-spot campaign, which breaks this
week in the city, is tagged, “The addiction starts small,” alleging that kids are being exposed to pornography at increasingly younger ages.
Two spots feature a mƒlange of Internet images and warn parents of the dangers of porn on the Web. The third spot introduces serial killer Ted Bundy in an excerpt from the documentary The Final Interview.
Bundy says he has known a lot of violent men like himself, “and without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography.” To drive home the point, a title is superimposed
over Bundy’s face: “17 hours before his execution.”
–Richard Linnett