Horse Sense: Mike’s Tells Tall Tales

NEW YORK The first work from We Are Gigantic for Mike’s Hard Lemonade attempts to pump up the drink’s testosterone level.

In “Ryan,” one of the Internet spots, a woman talks about how amazing her boyfriend is. The boyfriend, she relates in tones of awe, is buying a horse
because he is sick of borrowing one when he plays polo. The guy grins and nods knowingly, signaling that he actually won’t buy a horse at any point in the near future.

“[Mike’s] wanted to reassess the brand and make it more masculine,” said Neil Powell, ecd at We Are Gigantic in New York. “Our target is out of college, and trying to not be frat-ish. They’re being challenged to seem more adult.”

The campaign consists of three TV spots and 10 Internet films that the company hopes will go viral.

We Are Gigantic is led by Powell, formerly CCO at MDC Partners’ Margeotes Fertitta + Powell, which was absorbed by sibling Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners earlier this year. Powell left at that time to form his own shop under MDC.

The Internet spots went live last Friday while TV spots launched a week earlier on cable networks such as Comedy Central and Spike. The Seattle-based client has in recent years spent about $5 million annually in domestic measured media.

The campaign also includes fake products designed to appeal to guys. For example, later this summer, a poster will appear on the ceiling of New York’s Penn Station for “Gutter Gloves.” The gloves are designed to look as though the wearer has been working hard in his or her garden.

A Web site,, shows the TV spots as well as the Internet iterations.

A book tie-in is also being produced that will be handed out to people standing in line for the tapings of The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live.

“Our campaign is poking fun at the adult-ish side of things,” said Powell. “By learning a few things you can appear to be an adult but you don’t have to give up your youth.”