Hormone Therapy

F2GS figures that the way to teach teenagers about AIDS prevention is by convincing them to practice safe sex. And to get across the message about safe sex, the Seattle agency mixes in a little humor in a new pro bono campaign for the Northwest AIDS Foundation.
The agency developed what it calls the “Horn away” campaign, a series of print, outdoor and broadcast spots featuring the “Anti-horny patch.”
After scenes of teens daydreaming about sex, the sign-off message says: “Don’t be fooled by gimmicks . . . carry a condom.”
The shop conducted a series of group interviews with more than 200 teens of various racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. The researchers found that the young people disliked the lecturing tone of many safe sex messages and that humor evoked the strongest reactions from the groups and helped encourage discussion. The campaign will run through the end of the year.
-Angela Dawson