Horizontal Ads Flat On Their Backs; Verticals Rising

To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of banner advertising’s death have been greatly exaggerated. According to a new report by Jupiter Media Metrix, New York, the number of vertical banner advertisements on the Web increased 70 percent during 4th quarter 2000, even if the ROI of banners remains, according to the JMM report, “unproven.” (Can you say “subliminal impact?”)

Also, for 4Q 2000, it was nearly twice as expensive to buy vertical ads as it was to buy full-size horizontal ads, whose average rate card dipped almost three dollars compared to third quarter prices.

Data Points:
Number of different vertical banner ads, Q3 2000: 2,809
Number of different vertical banner ads, Q4 2000: 4,725
Cost of Q4 2000 vertical online ads: $54 CPM
Cost of Q4 2000 full-size horizontal online ads: $28 CPM
Most common online ad format: full-size horizontal banner ad, 36 percent of all Q4 ad impressions
Source: Jupiter Media Metrix