Hoover Moves Corporate Branding From FCB

CHICAGO — Hoover Co. has shifted the corporate branding portion of its $50 million ad business to Ten United in Pittsburgh from Foote, Cone & Belding here, FCB confirmed. FCB cited creative differences for the split. The agency’s portion of the North Canton, Ohio-based vacuum cleaner company’s business amounted to about $20 million.

Ten United, part of Columbus, Ohio-based Ten Worldwide, already handles co-op and print advertising for Hoover.

Media planning, also at FCB, is part of a consolidation review underway by Hoover parent Maytag. FCB is not part of that review. Media buying is at Initiate Media in Chicago, which is in the Maytag review.

FCB won the Hoover business in November 1999 following a review.

A Hoover representative was not immediately available for comment.