Fergus, the slightly insane singing Scotsman, returns in a new radio commercial for Hooper’s Hooch Alcoholic Lemon Brew.
Introduced in 1998 by Atlanta’s Sixty-Second Airborne to sing the praises of the spiked lemonade to a reggae beat in “Rasta la Vista,” Fergus’s latest ditty is a retro ’80’s Flock of Seagulls knockoff. Called “Flock of Fergus,” the spot has female back-up singers, a swirling synthesizer beat and the stirring chorus, “Hoopers Hooch/you make me wanna say Loo Loo Loo . . . “
The initial effort, which helped nearly double the sales of the beverage, won the radio-only shop its first awards.
“What impressed me most was not the increase in sales or awards,” said Kevin Sack, who calls himself “Captain” at the agency. “It was when I ordered a Hooper’s Hooch in Albany [N.Y.] and the waitress sang the chorus of the commercial. Unprompted. I simultaneously realized how effective radio could be, and I also promised myself I’d never think any idea was too strange to present to a client.”
The new ad for the Stamford, Conn., client breaks this week in North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Maine, Illinois and Pennsylvania.
Loo Loo Loo . . .
–T.W. Siebert