HookMedia Gains New Clients

Maintaining its recent momentum, HookMedia last week added assignments from Cisco Systems and Electric Insurance, the latter a unit of General Electric.

Both clients are looking to the Boston interactive marketing firm to strengthen their digital media campaigns and increase their customer bases.

“Companies are realizing that online media plays an import role in their overall marketing strategy,” said Don Epperson, president and founder of Hook-Media, which has been one of the region’s fastest-growing agencies over the past year.

HookMedia considers both Cisco Systems and Electric Insurance key wins. “It allows us to work with two large and very important companies,” said Gerry Price, vice president and director of operations at HookMedia.

The agency will support San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco’s JumpStart Joint Marketing program, an effort designed to generate leads for companies that use Cisco products. HookMedia will devise interactive and direct marketing media strategies to drive traffic to hundreds of Cisco client sites.

“Previously, Cisco was conducting a significantly watered down version of this [campaign],” Price said. “Cisco was using an in-house team, which had no expertise in online media [strategy].” Hook will not craft online ads for Cisco. Rather, the company’s in-house team will handle all creative work.

HookMedia acquired the business after Burlington, Mass.-based company Genuity recommended the agency to Cisco, according to Price.

Electric Insurance, Beverly, Mass., a provider of automobile and homeowner coverage, has employed HookMedia to drive customers to its site and reduce the cost of acquisition.

HookMedia recently expanded from its base in Boston and opened offices in New York and Atlanta. The agency employs more than 100 staffers nationwide, up from about 20 a year ago. The firm received $15 million in venture capital last year, which helped it add technology that it claims will allow it to take on competitors such as Avenue A and Mediaplex [Adweek, Dec. 18].

Other HookMedia clients include Blue Cross & BlueShield, EMC Corp., Fannie Mae Foundation, HotJobs and PricewaterhouseCoopers, among others. HookMedia’s agency partners include Adair-Greene, Gearon Hoffman, Mullen and Partners & Simons.