How do you get students interested in advertising? For Dweck!, one way was to give them goldfish.

A dozen college students recently gathered at the New York shop as part of a pilot program from the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ New York office.

The “Youngbloods” program, which seeks to interest students in advertising, had the collegians watch a reel of Dweck!’s creative work and then design a mock campaign for the fictional Bob’s Pet Store.

After presenting their ideas (“Bob is the guru of pet”), the students were each rewarded by Dweck! staffers with a live goldfish in a plastic bag. They were then bused to Lowe Lintas & Partners for dessert and more agency talk.

“It was encouraging and frightening at the same time,” said Alex Ausharian, a student at the School of Visual Arts, about the evening. He added that advertising work seemed to be made up of “late hours and frustration, but at the same time, extreme silliness.”

Lynne Seid, evp, managing director of BBDO and chairman of the 4A’s New York Council, said the next “Youngbloods” session will target high-school students.

“We’re trying to get them early,” she said.