Hood breaks broadcast

Spots promoting HP Hood’s low fat milk and its light-blocking carton have hit the airwaves.

The Chelsea, Mass., dairy, through ad agency Partners & Simons, Boston, last week began running two spots on TV stations throughout New England.

One spot shows a youngster downing a glass of Hood’s Simply Smart milk while the client’s familiar “Answer Mom” spokescharacter describes the two-year-old brand as “the low-fat milk without the watery taste.” Another execution shows small children playing in a backyard while the Hood blimp flies overhead to promote the flavor and nutritional benefits of the dairy’s LightBlock bottle. The commercial aims to tie the two icons together. “People smile when they see the blimp; we want them to smile when they see the commercial [too],” said Mary Ellen Spencer, vice president of marketing at Hood.

Both spots end with the dairy’s long-running “You can feel good about Hood” tag.

Pro Media in Needham, Mass., handles Hood media chores.

Hood arch rival Garelick Farms, through Boston agency Connelly Partners, earlier this month launched new ads tagged “Add something.”