Honda’s Fit Shapes Up Nicely

NEW YORK The Honda Fit is eye-catching, literally. At least, that’s the idea behind this fun new energetic spot from RPA in Santa Monica, Calif. The car is barreling down the streets of a futuristic city to the sounds of techno music in what could be a scene out of a car racing videogame. In hot pursuit, giant eyeballs that are apparently so drawn to the “Speedy Eye-Catcher!,” as noted by a robotic voiceover and the onscreen copy, that they race after it, trailing behind like billiard balls behind the speed racer. The action-packed chase and the moving bloodshot eyeballs do hold a viewer’s attention and the attitude is spot-on for the young target market Honda’s after with the Fit. The spot ends with one of the eyeballs getting caught in a tunnel and the tagline “The Fit is go!”