Honda, Hoover’s Drive Players to Web Game Show

NEW YORK — American Honda and Internet business search engine Hoover’s Online Tuesday launched an interactive ad campaign in which “contestants” are invited to “come on down” to participate in a quiz show in which the “virtual” grand prize is a 2002 Honda Accord.

The campaign is an offshoot of Hoover’s ongoing JargonBuster game, in which users select a character from among several stereotyped businesspeople, who are rewarded when they are directed to avoid the use of jargon in business situations.

“Hoover’s JargonBuster game gives Honda a perfect opportunity to connect with an audience that’s highly likely to buy mid-sized cars and provides a unique, customized way to interact with both brands,” said Meridee Alter, vice president and media director for rpinteractive, Honda’s interactive agency. “The viral aspect is an added plus, as players may feel compelled to pass it along to friends and colleagues.”