honda ads are squeaky clean

Like many hard-pressed Americans, cleaning products icon Mr. Clean now has a second job.
American Honda Motor Co. has incorporated the advertising cartoon, with Procter
& Gamble’s permission, into a new TV ad (shown here) for its environmentally friendly Accord LEV.
The popular animated ad character from the 1960s and 1970s appears in a 30-second spot for the low-emissions vehicle. The ad was created by Honda’s lead agency, Rubin Postaer & Associates in Santa Monica, Calif.
Agency executives hope the “Man behind the shine” will reinforce Honda’s message that the new model helps keep the air clean. The spot includes the Mr. Clean wink. The tag is, “Honda thinking.”
Cardboard standups of the bald-headed spokesperson will also appear in Honda showrooms around the country.
“It’s great for Honda to link up with an American [advertising] institution,” said agency principal Larry Postaer.
The agency that became Euro RSCG Tatham created the Mr. Clean character and name 40 years ago. Tatham still handles the brand. –Angela Dawson