A Hometown Team Boosts Providence With Image Ads

By Sarah Jones

BOSTON–This summer Leonard/Monahan will break the first ad campaign for its hometown, a series of print and outdoor executions with the tagline, ‘Providence. Old and improved.’

Ads promote the Rhode Island capital as an ideal alternative to Boston, with numerous upscale restaurants, a newly constructed convention center, the revamped T.F. Green airport and a soon-to-be-built shopping mall.

‘We’re trying to capitalize on the equity that the city has, like its history in the arts, and make that relevant to people again,’ said Pam Hamlin, Leonard/Monahan’s director of client services. ‘We want to reinforce that Providence is a really hot city with a lot of activity going on.’

Meeting planners and business travelers are not the only target audiences. Rhode Islanders themselves are encouraged to take another look at what’s around them.

‘We need to educate Rhode Islanders about just how impressive Providence’s cultural, historic and natural assets really are . . . We have an urban strength to market, and that’s critical to obtain convention business,’ said Mark Cestari, president of the Providence Warwick Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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