Homes Are Sweet in Termite Ads

Rodgers Townsend portrays houses as culinary delights in print ads that take a termite’s point of view on behalf of a do-it-yourself pesticide from Spectrum Brands.
“Termites eat houses” blares the headline in three ads that begin running nationally in April. An extended regional run began last week.
“Every ad presents a vivid reminder that your house is on the menu 24 hours a day. No one is immune to that,” said Tom Townsend, chief creative officer at the St. Louis shop.
Rodgers Townsend picked up the estimated $10 million Spectrum account in August following a review. The business previously was at D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles in St. Louis.
The ads for Spectrum’s Terminate termite killing stakes are aimed at homeowners who prefer to take care of their own problems. Spectrum also has a professional termite control product called Spectracide, for which Rodgers Townsend does business-to-business ads aimed at exterminators.
The Terminate ads each feature art depicting a termite’s view of the home, such as one that shows a house divided into cuts like a side of beef. K