Homer Simpson Is 'Priceless' for MasterCard

NEW YORK Homer Simpson will star in MasterCard’s Super Bowl spot this Sunday, the client said.

Created by Interpublic Group’s McCann-Erickson in New York, the 30-second commercial continues the “Priceless” campaign and shows a day in the life of Homer Simpson. A voiceover narrates his movements, calculating the money he spends on his way home.

His first stop is a convenience store, where he picks up some groceries ($25). Then he heads to the gas station for an oil change ($20) as a swarm of bees flies out to try to take his doughnut. After that, Homer stops for a haircut ($75), and is chagrined at the price. Next, we see him at Moe’s Tavern, ready to down a beer. The voiceover (actor Billy Crudup) says, “Getting your errands done quicker to spend more time with your family: Priceless.”

When Homer isn’t quick to respond, the narrator angrily repeats the sentence.

“Yeah, yeah, I heard you the first time,” Homer grumbles. “Stupid voiceover.”

McCann’s Joyce King-Thomas is the executive creative director on MasterCard.

The Purchase, N.Y., client said the spot would run in regular rotation following its Super Bowl premiere.