HomeAway Returning to Super Bowl

Following the success of its 2010 campaign, HomeAway—which operates the world’s largest network of vacation rental sites—is returning to the Super Bowl as an advertiser again in 2011.
The campaign, created by Texas-based ad agency Vendor, poses the question: “Why Hotel when you can HomeAway?” A new TV spot—still in production, per the company—will debut during Fox’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLV on Feb. 6.
HomeAway first advertised in the Super Bowl in 2010. That campaign was based on the 1983 hit movie, National Lampoon’s Vacation. Apparently, casting characters Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo worked in the brand’s favor. The Super Bowl commercial generated a 500 percent increase in consumer visits to HomeAway.com on the day following the game, and a million page views in a 24-hour period, said HomeAway’s CEO Brian Sharples.
Sharples is hoping for a similar outcome during Super Bowl XLV. “We can’t think of a faster, more impactful way to reach nearly 100 million people to tell them about the benefits of vacation homes that can be rented through HomeAway,” he said. “And the timing is perfect for us because most people start making vacation plans for spring break and summer in the first quarter of the year.”
HomeAway will have some steep competition. Only a handful of Fox’s $3 million Super Bowl 30-second slots remain available. That means plenty of other advertisers have also had time to ready their ads the “best Super Bowl ad” title.