Home / Work Podcast: Balancing Business, Family and Adventure With Kate and Brian Rouch

The Coinbase CMO and Bōs Ranch CEO on what companies should do to be more helpful

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In today’s episode of Home / Work, host Antonio Lucio sits down with Coinbase CMO Kate Rouch and Bōs Ranch CEO Brian Rouch.

As Coinbase’s first CMO, Kate is working to build a new model of Web3 marketing. While Brian seeks to use Bōs Ranch to introduce and inspire interest in the long-standing Western traditions of self-reliance, adventure and a deep love of the natural world.

During the episode, they discuss juggling their work and home life, what companies should do to be more helpful or proactive in assessing the generation of young families raising children, and why employers shouldn’t eliminate remote work in a post-pandemic world.

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