A Holy Alliance

When Bernard Cardinal Law of the Archdiocese of Boston flew to Cuba for Pope John Paul II’s recent visit, a delegation of distinguished legislative and business leaders traveled with him.
Tony Sapienza, executive vice president and managing director of Miller/Shandwick, and Tom Clark, managing partner of Oak, were among those who traveled to Cuba, becoming some of the first U.S. visitors to the Communist country since Fidel Castro took control 30 years ago.
Both Clark and Sapienza are on the board of Boston-based Por Christo, an organization founded
in 1979 after a papal visit to Boston. The organization, recently adopted by Caritas Christi, aims to bring medical knowledge and expertise to developing countries, especially in Latin America. The emphasis is on training doctors, nurses and therapists in diagnosis and patient care with limited resources, said Sapienza.
Now with the Pope opening the door, Por Christo believes it can begin bringing its mission to Cuba.
Letters were recently mailed to all members of the delegation with the hopes of keeping momentum for the Cuban mission going. “For me, it was a real eye-opening experience,” Clark said.
-Judy Warner