Holland Tries Diversification

As Holland Mark continues to grapple with the economic downturn, the agency is looking to a New York design shop and its own e-marketing affiliate to help boost its bottom line.

Holland Mark and Marc Rosen Associates, a New York design house specializing in packaging and corporate communications, are partnering to offer clients of both companies integrated services. The partnership is still in the planning stage, but collaborations include approaching new clients for combined business and client referrals between the two operations.

“He has a phenomenal portfolio of client experience,” said Holland Mark president Chris Colbert. “We’re excited about being able to parlay that experience [into our capabilities].” Such clients include Benjamin Moore Paints, Hasbro Toys and Intercosmetics.

Holland Mark is also leveraging the database and technology capabilities of its low-profile BeNow unit for use in its own client relationships. BeNow, Wakefield, Mass., provides customer relationship marketing through an integrated technology platform. When Holland Mark moved to Boston in 1996 to establish itself as a player on the local agency scene, some staffers stayed behind to provide direct marketing, production, fulfillment and database services. The office, then in Burlington, Mass., was renamed BeNow.

“It was a disconnected, eclectic group of services,” said BeNow president Brad Neuenhaus, who along with fellow founding partners Andy Cutler, Tom McGinley and John Groman played a prominent role in the growth of Epsilon, a Burlington, Mass., direct marketing services provider, before joining four years ago.

Neuenhaus and his associates looked at the rapidly expanding customer relations market and decided to focus the company’s offerings there.

BeNow currently contributes 10 to 15 percent of Holland Mark’s revenue, a figure Colbert, the group’s CEO, hopes will increase this year.

The company’s proprietary software for e-marketers is designed to help clients better manage their customer relationships. The software operates as an analytical, marketing and database tool that allows clients to mine and extract data to create marketing campaigns.

BeNow is currently working with W.W. Grainger, Boston marketing agency Digitas, and MasterCard, for which it is developing a marketing approach for the company’s small member banks.