holland mark’s vacation Ends

Holland Mark Edmund Ingalls falls back on such mainstays of travel advertising as scenic beauty and regional history in its final campaign for the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.
New ads from the Boston agency, unveiled last week, reprise the “Take a real vacation” positioning the shop has employed during its three years on the business. One print effort advises travelers to “See Paul Revere’s grave. Step aboard the Mayflower. Visit Hancock Shaker Village. Make up for nodding off in history class.”
Holland Mark chief executive Bill Davis believes the current effort is the best his shop has done during its tenure.
It may also be the most traditional in approach. Two years ago, Holland Mark crafted ads featuring Ducky, a feathered spokescharacter who toured the Commonwealth. Those efforts attacked corporate theme parks as “phony” vacation destinations.
The number of visitors to the Bay State remained flat through the late 1990s. Holland Mark chose not to defend the $3-9 million assignment when it came up for review as the year began.
Boston shops Irma S. Mann, Strategic Marketing; Heater Advertising; and CGN Marketing
& Creative Services are now competing in the final round.
–David Gianatasi