Holland Mark Ups Key Managers, Forms Interactive Media Group

Holland Mark Martin Edmund has defined new roles for several senior managers and formalized its interactive media division.
Vice president and group account director Ann Gary has been advanced to general manager, a new position at the Boston shop. In addition to formulating marketing plans for various clients, she will work on “improving our infrastructure . . . to help us do what we do,” said agency president Chris Colbert.
Gayle Nyre has been promoted to director of marketing services. Nyre’s previous role as creative services director will be filled by Mary Davenport, who was advanced from director of art buying.
Three additional moves signal the formalization of what had been a loosely structured interactive media group. Vice president Martha Tripp, who previously helmed account planning and initially suggested the agency develop interactive capabilities, now heads up the newly created department. Julie Bolt has been selected to oversee interactive new business. Tina Barrett becomes senior brand manager.
“In the past two or three years, we have evolved to where we can put people into true leadership roles,” and the promotions reflect the shop’s desire to place managers where they will be most effective, Colbert said.