Holland Mark Rides Gazelle

BOSTON Chris Colbert — no stranger to “reCommerce,” having successfully revived his ’90s shop Holland Mark a few years back — said the agency has picked up ad chores for Gazelle, a company that rewards consumers for properly trading in electronic products.

The Boston agency’s goal is to help reinforce Gazelle’s position as a leader in the reCommerce marketplace, which is becoming increasingly active in the era of widely available (and quickly upgradeable) mobile media.

According to Colbert, Gazelle helps consumers “turn used electronics into cash, to create space, or simply to recycle,” and it claims to have prevented more than seven tons of “e-Waste” through its service so far.

At present, Gazelle uses the line “Green is good,” a riff on the Wall Street movie line “Greed is good,” across the top of its Web site.

Among the gadgets Boston-based Gazelle will buy: cellphones, digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, laptops, GPS units, gaming consoles, calculators, Blu-ray players, external hard drives and videogames, among others.

Colbert, Holland Mark’s CEO, explained: “The Gazelle brand experience is incredibly easy and the range of possibilities really rewarding. We just need to let more people know about it.”

Holland Mark is the client’s first lead agency. The initial budget and schedule for ads have not been determined.